There’s just something about blasting Christmas songs that make the Christmas season more magical. Christmas isn’t complete without the same, overplayed Christmas songs. The beauty of music is that it transports you into a specific memory. For instance, listening to “Deck the Halls” may evoke a certain emotion. Maybe you had a specific tradition of drinking hot chocolate whilst waiting for the clock to strike twelve, so listening to that song brings memories of anticipation and excitement. It could be that your family listens to a certain song while preparing your noche buena dinner. Music is such a powerful yet intangible thing.

On the subject of a song transporting you to a specific memory, I thought it fitting to kick off the first post for December with  a Christmas playlist. This playlist; however, is a tad different from the ones you hear in the malls or on the radio. Yes, the songs are those you are already familiary with, but here’s the twist: bands give a twist to the Christmas song. There’s even a little something in the playlist from My Chemical Romance. You read that right: My Chemical Romance! Imagine a Christmas song in that signature sound of theirs. These songs have been been around for some time, but still, I thought I’d put together a playlist that’s different from the usual playlists we hear every season. Who knows maybe you haven’t heard of these renditions of Christmas songs.

Did you ever wonder if any of your favorite bands released Christmas covers or maybe even released their own Christmas songs? Thus the hunt for songs for the Not Your Average Christmas playlist. It’s a spin on your classic Christmas songs. Maybe I should have titled this playlist as “Christmas Songs by Your Favourite Bands from the Early 2000’s”. There’s music from Jack’s Mannequin, Weezer, Relient K, and The Maine.

There you have it! I hope your Christmas is a little more rock n’ roll with these songs.

Rock Christmas playlist songsIf you have any song suggestions that you think would be a good fit to this playlist, do comment them below. And if you’ve enjoyed this playlist, do share it! 🙂


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