While waiting for the train to Manhattan from White Plains, New York I saw a poster advertising a summer concert. The next train to Manhattan was in minutes, so I snapped a quick photo as a reminder to check out the details of the show.

As soon as I got home that evening, I researched more about the event. What I found out was this: White Plains Business Improvement District and Doug Panero Presents was throwing a free concert to kick in the summer with two rising New York bands: Lawrence and Morningsiders.

Natually, the first thing I did was to check out both bands. I’d never heard of both before, but since it was a free concert less than ten minutes away from where we were staying, I knew that I wanted to go.

I was so stoked to be spending my second to the last day in New York by attending a concert. I’m obsessed with live shows as you may or may not have noticed. Haha!

I had the opportunity to attend a Sofar Sounds LA gig the night before my birthday, saw The Used live in Las Vegas a few days after, and then I was capping off my trip with a free musical treat in New York!

I originally wanted to watch Governor’s Ball Music Festival in New York, but wasn’t able to. The day I was planning to watch (Sunday) had sold out fast. If I did purchase a ticket, it would have been for nothing. The Sunday Governor’s Ball leg was cancelled due to horrible weather. I guess in a way I was lucky. Maybe I’ll attend next year! Who knows. 😉

I also vlogged about my White Plains Summer Solstice Concert experience, which you can watch HERE.


On the day of the White Plains Summer Solstice Concert, I was running a tad late, but fortunately, made it in time to catch Morningsiders’ set.


At first, I was thrown off, seeing as it was mostly a seated show. There was a VIP area with cocktail tables where some people stood, but there was a chunk of space between the stage and where the people were seated. This made me hesitant to pull out my camera and start snapping away.

I felt conscious and shy to go near the stage to take photos. I didn’t want to block anyone’s view and I didn’t want to call any attention to myself. For the first couple of songs, I was shyly taking photos from the side of the stage or the back, but with only my 50mm lens in tow, I knew that if I wanted a possibility of getting great shots, I’d have to move closer.

Little by little, I did. It’s such a petty fear, really. I kept telling myself that nobody knew me here anyway, so why was I so shy and afraid of calling attention to myself? It probably would have done more good to stand out than be a wallflower. Besides, I was just doing my job as a photographer and going for the shots.

The break in between Morningsiders and Lawrence was just the breather I needed to pull myself together and snap out of my shyness. Though my shyness still prevented me from approaching some of the members of Morningsiders after their set. I should have said hi and told them I liked their music, but I chickened out. I really need to work on that trait of mine.


Morningsiders Morningsiders Morningsiders Morningsiders Morningsiders Morningsiders



As soon as Lawrence began their set, I was blown away. They were so full of energy! And it was contagious. One of their female fans went up front and danced like no one was watching. And in that moment, I wished I had that courage to do the same. Seeing her gave me that push to also go up front and take photos up front even if my ears were right in front of the speakers.

After a while, another fan of theirs, a guy in a cap with a beer in tow joined the gal upfront and they danced together. I was grinning ear to ear seeing how these people just let the music take over them not caring if there were people watching them.

Eventually a crowd made their way up front and I didn’t feel conscious anymore.




Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence  Lawrence Lawrence  Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence IMG_1576 Lawrence  Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence

They joined the crowd for a bit! Lawrence

Morningsiders and Lawrence left me impressed! I couldn’t believe that I was experiencing a show with two amazing rising New York bands and for free.

So yeah, if you ever find yourself if White Plains, New York during the summer, do keep an eye out for events such as these. If I’m not mistaken, this year was the first summer solstice concert. Hopefully, they’ll have another one next year!


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