Why Filipino Fans are the Best: Luca Little’s Crazy Story

It all began with a fan sign.

Last January 2015, Aleah sent Swiss singer songwriter Luca Little a message requesting a fan sign after hearing one of his songs on YouTube. What began as a simple fan request soon exploded into a trending topic.

The post itself garnered over 80,000 likes and his Facebook likes went from 3,200 to a whooping 20,000 in a few days. Talk about crazy. The source of this increase? His dedicated Filipino fans!

Luca reached out to me over e-mail saying he wanted to come to Manila to play a show. And in a couple of months that goal of his became a reality! He was to play not one, but multiple shows in different cities in the Philippines.


With over 80,000 likes! It WENT VIRAL. ABSOLUTELY MENTAL, YEAH?

It’s amazing how the Filipino support can change one person’s music career and bring him all the way from Europe to Manila. When I heard that he was coming, I was stunned and at the same time so happy that he turned his wish into reality. It just goes to show that if you persevere and do whatever it takes, you can make your dreams into a reality. I’m taking this as a success story and so should you!

Luca Little Philippines
Photo from Luca’s Facebook Page

I’ve seen the tenacity and dedication of Filipino fans–it’s like no other. For example, The Maine, has been to the Philippines more than four times in a span of about five years. That’s more than normal bands can say about touring in Asia.

Here’s the song that changed everything:

A year has passed since it’s happened. It’s 2016. Luca Little’s fourth album is in the works. Fans know that a new album equals a new tour! Who knows maybe he’ll be back! I’m hoping he will–I’m sure all his Filipino fans are hoping, too!

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