Why You Should Take the Rhine River Cruise

Last August 2014, I was able to tick another European country off my travel bucket list: Germany. I visited a number of cities, and other countries aside from Deutschland, but let me share with you the time I joined a tour group and cruised along the Rhine!

We embarked Asbach, our boat, in Koblenz, Germany and took a two-hour ride along the Rhine river.

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When we began the Rhine River cruise, the sky was overcast and gloomy. I had to layer to fight the breeze. The cruise was so scenic that I spent most of my time going up and down the boat taking photos, which helped me forget about the cool temperature. Eventually, the grey clouds dissolved, and out came Mr. Sun!


Running around a boat with this glorious view had me feeling on top of the world. Look at the colourful German houses. Aren’t they adorable? Imagine if you lived in one of those houses overlooking the river… inspiration every day!


Aaahh, what an abundance of castles! There was even one in the middle of the river, which used to be a toll gate for boats!


I was distracted during the boat ride, dashing here, and there, taking photos, that I wasn’t really paying attention to the voice over, telling us if we had passed the famous Loreley rock. The Loreley rock is said to be situated in the narrowest and steepest part of the Rhine River where many boats have fallen to their doom. Correct me, if I am wrong, but this peak seems to be where the Loreley is. I also did some research online, and the photo looks similar to this one that I snapped.


St. Goar’s was one of my favourite ports because of the colourful structures.

We descended our boat at Oberwesel though the Asbach’s last destination was miles away! If only I could have finished the ride until the last stop, but we had to board our bus and continue on to Munich!

Some tips if you’re planning to do a river cruise similar to this:

  • Bring a jacket, sunblock, and a hat

The weather changed so quickly. One minute I was shivering from the wind, and the next, I was sweating and getting a tan from the sudden sunshine.

  • Be sure to charge your camera

You’ll be tempted to take photos of everything you see. If you are able to bring an extra set of batteries, the better!

  • Do a bit of research before the cruise

I joined a tour group, so I didn’t know where our journey would begin and end until the day before the actual cruise. I should have asked and done research, so that I could at least pin-point the historical towns and memorabilia. Take the Loreley rock, for instance! I missed it because I didn’t know how it looked it, and assumed it would be a big, obvious sculpture.

  • Ask

Throughout the cruise, I’d go up and down the boat, looking for the best angles to take photos. Little did I know that we were allowed in the front deck. If only I’d asked.

I hope those tips were helpful. Have you done a river cruise before? I’d love to hear about it in the comment box below. If you have any tips you’d like to share with everyone, I’d love to hear them too! 🙂


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